‘Energy for all’ stalls across Africa according to Afrobarometer reports


Recent Afrobarometer survey teams on the ground found little evidence of advances toward energy for all Africans. While electric grids have expanded since the early 2000s, that forward movement appears to have stalled in most countries during the past few years. Across 34 surveyed countries, about two-thirds of households are within reach of an electric grid – the same proportion as circa 2015 (Oyuke, Penar, & Howard) – and only about four in 10 homes enjoy a reliable supply of electricity.

Stark differences in access and reliable supply remain between countries and between regions, and rural residents and the poor are still at a great disadvantage when it comes to lights and power. This may be why fewer than half of Africans think their government is doing a good job when it comes to providing a reliable supply of electricity.

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