World Energy Outlook 2019 Published


The 2019 WEO underlines the progress achieved in extending access to electricity and to clean cooking, and how far we are from achieving Sustainable Development Goal #7 by 2030.

Given expected strong population growth, particularly in countries where many people still lack access, achieving SDG7 implies a cumulative total of around 1 billion additional people gaining access to electricity by 2030, and more than 2.5 billion people moving away from the traditional use of biomass by the same date. This would reduce the health impact of air pollution and promote gender equality. It would be achieved without increasing GHG emissions.

The goal appears almost within reach with actual and planned policies regarding electricity in all continents except Sub-Saharan Africa, where an exceptional acceleration would be needed with respect to the present trend. Regarding clean cooking, also Developing Asia looks unable to reach the goal without a strong acceleration in the trend, which means exceptionally increased efforts.

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