1st FSR Lights on Women Scholarship - Applications welcome NOW


Gender-balanced participation in the energy sector is critical to a successful and inclusive energy transition. Because energy and climate issues touch everyone, diverse representation is especially key in energy policy and regulation, where decisions taken can lead to wide-scale societal transformation.

Why should you apply?

Selected candidates eager to learn and advance their career in the energy field will be offered free access to one of the FSR online courses (of their choice) starting in Autumn 2019.

Who is eligible

  • Early- or mid-career female energy professionals and students able to demonstrate both professional experience and potential for future excellence in the energy sphere.
  • Genuinely engaged individuals involved in energy and climate regulation or policy issues who show holistic interests beyond current responsibilities.
  • Highly motivated to invest in learning and networking.
  • Openness to diversity and aspiration to join a global community.
No specific academic background is required. We warmly welcome applications from around the world and in particular emerging countries.

Deadline 5th May 

All details about the application process can be found HERE