Regulation for Universal Access to Energy


This course brings together over 30 experts from across the world to offer comprehensive training to design appropriate policy and regulatory framework needed to ensure sustainable energy for all.  
The course is unique in that it examines the interdependence of the various tools available to address energy access such as the latest technologies available, financial instruments and innovative business models as well as analyses the wider impact energy access has on health, education and overall socio-economic development.

Through the six knowledge blocks of the course, participants are enabled to learn how the multidimensional tools correlate with electrification pathways such as grid extensions, stand-alone systems and microgrids and the clean cooking area. As such, the course takes a holistic view of energy access while emphasising the role of regulation.

This course is fully online and taught in English (with an option of French and Spanish subtitles for the video lectures). The estimated workload is 4-6 hours per week.

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