Florence School of Regulation (FSR) offers 10 scholarships


Regulation of the Power Sector online course directed by Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga

18 November 2019 – 20 March 2020 | Online
Deadline for application: 20th October

Power system regulation is never at a rest, and this is particularly true for the power systems of today. The FSR online course is offered at a time when power sectors all over the world are facing their toughest challenges since their creation 150 years ago.

Adequate regulation will be needed to address issues such as the de-carbonisation of the sector, the integration of renewable energy, active demand response, the integration of ever bigger markets, and last but not least, universal access to energy.

High-quality knowledge will be needed to respond to these challenges of the power sector, and this course is designed to give you a solid grasp of the fundamentals, and start your journey towards becoming an energy regulation expert. 

For further information: https://fsr.eui.eu/training/energy/online-course-power-sector-regulation/