Energy Access through Digital Payments

Meeting the ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda will require new paradigms for connecting markets and people, and digital payments are at the core of the most successful new models for reaching last-mile customers, enabling businesses and governments to link under-served households with essential services such as access to energy.

This new report entitled “The Fight for Light”, published by the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) within the broad project Better Than Cash Alliance, examines the role that digital payments can have in accelerating energy access in hard-to-reach rural areas. While pay-as-you-go solar firms are already using digital business models in parts of Africa and Asia, innovative utilities, mini-grid operators and even investors can also benefit by embracing digital payments to reach more rural customers who lack electricity and clean cooking services. This report documents how digital payments have the capacity to drive financial inclusion, create new economic opportunities particularly for women, increase transparency across the private, public, and development sectors, and support economic growth by driving major cost savings, efficiencies, and higher productivity. 

Download the highlights and full case study report HERE