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Webinar: Off-grid but Online: ICT in the last mile - 26 July @ 3PM CEST

ICT is clearly a game changer both for on-grid and off-grid areas of the world. With smartphones, people in remote, "last mile" areas are increasingly gaining access to the internet and gaining access to information, social media, entertainment, and communication with far-flung family and friends. But mobile phones aren't the only way that ICT is changing lives in off-grid areas.



Stories from the projects

Most of the people who live on North Channel, a small island in Bangladesh, work in the fields growing rice, grain and fruit and vegetables. During the dry season (April ...

Energy poor

Energy poor
Pippo Ranci, Matteo Leonardi, Laura Susani
Available as hard-copy and e-book in Italian and e-book in English
Published by: il Mulino

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The WAME database contains energy access projects, policies, case studies and publications which have helped increase access to energy services for households, communities and businesses mainly in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The database allows you to search by a number of different criteria including energy resources, technologies, budgets, countries, etc..



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