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Free Webinar on Renewable Energy in the Health Sector

Free webinar on Opportunities & Challenges in Introducing Renewable Energy in the Health Sector! Leading experts will present opportunities for renewable energy generation & challenges faced in this process. 
17.10.18 14:00 - 15:15 pm CEST


Wame and energypedia

WAME and Energypedia teams up to launch Energy Access Portal

Energypedia is a wiki platform open to all to collaborate, discuss, ask questions, get answers, and get latest updates about energy access in developing countries

Stories from the projects

When night falls, in the village of Sine Mbarik, Sossop or Bandulou, as is the case in the majority of villages in Senegal, the faint glow of the moon does ...


The WAME database contains energy access projects, policies, case studies and publications which have helped increase access to energy services for households, communities and businesses mainly in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The database allows you to search by a number of different criteria including energy resources, technologies, budgets, countries, etc..


OFF-GRID APPLIANCE MARKET SURVEY: Perceived Demand and Impact Potential of Household, Productive Use and Healthcare Technologies


Energy poor

Energy poor
Pippo Ranci, Matteo Leonardi, Laura Susani
Available as hard-copy and e-book in Italian and e-book in English
Published by: il Mulino

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